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Today’s consumer is super savvy. Whether they find out about your business via Facebook/Twitter or through a friend, they want to go and Google your website and find out more about you before making contact. Whilst at Quod Media we focus on Online Branding, PR, Social Media etc, we would not flare well if all the customers/fans/followers and advocates were being directed to sites that did not load well, were not W3 compliant and were not pleasing to look at. So when we design a website/blog we take a whole array of information into consideration and then design. We understand the strong correlation between a strong brand, a good website and a positive online brand sentiment.

So if your website/CMS site or blog is not converting to sales/leads then take the site down, at least until it is designed to fulfill its objective. Why not call us today for a chat on how we can help.


We boast an amazing team of designers, online marketers, copywriters, web developers and online strategists who are all experts in building and marketing great e-commerce web designs. Since 2007 we’ve been putting together outstanding websites for businesses large and small right across THE UK. We understand how to convert a social interaction to a lead and how to convert a lead to a sale. But we don’t stop here, we also help our clients capitalise on their data/client base and through blog/social updates, e-mail marketing and newsletters keep a customer coming back more often and for longer. This helps increase the customer life-cycle, creates brand advocates and increases brand sentiment each time they say something positive.

Web Copy is a specialised field requiring technical writing skills and sufficient knowledge when trying to entice your visitors (target audience) to buy, take action or further enquire on your products and services. Web Copy requires attention to detail and it needs to be compelling and persuasive. Some businesses fail to achieve the results they anticipate due to improper or poorly written web copy. Having clear and fluent content that captures the attention of your target audience is the key, creating a sense of urgency and action to act on the product/service without delay.

So if you want more compelling, more enticing, more appealing and more motivating web copy incorporated into your website, we can help.