Quod System FAQ’s

What is the OPPORTUNITY on offer?

Yes, a Quod Franchise offers the opportunity to work in the worlds biggest and fastest growing market of all, The INTERNET. If someone was to suggest to you that use of the internet will steadily DECLINE over the next 10 years then you’d almost have to laugh at them. The Internet has grown at unprecedented rates and it can make or break a Business, Brand or even President ((Ask Mr Obama)). From Social Media to Online reputation management and from banner advertising to PPC the Internet is obviously growing. Some studies even suggest that if the internet was a country then it’s economy would rank 5th in the World, behind only the USA, China, Japan & India!!!

We are offering a full training and support package, complete with ongoing support and cutting edge tools to help you become a successful Quod Media Analyst.

With the RECESSION, can I succeed as a Quod Media Analyst?

This may surprise you:
Regardless of the state of the economy, for many, being an Quod Media Analyst is a

It doesn’t matter about the economy, the stock market, the credit crunch, the price of houses or the High Street, the banks, or an increase in business failure… Because boom or bust, businesses need
our help. Here’s why…

The Quod Franchise system works irrespective of economic conditions.

In a booming economy businesses want to grow and develop – and of course, we help them to do just that. In a recession, the mindset changes and businesses are concerned with preservation, survival and retaining what they already have (if they can also grow then so much the better). With web 3.0 businesses and individuals also want to maintain their brand, monitor what’s being said about them and have the ability to repond through customer engagement and the ability to monitor or track results/ROI. This give our Analysts a huge advantage in a GROWING economy.

Either way, as a Quod Media Analyst, boom or recession represents two sides of the same coin… We employ the same proven methodolgies, the same techniques and the same systems. It’s just the emphasis that is different.

What is the gist of what I would have to do?

As a Quod Media Analyst your role is to work very closely with your clients either to:

  • Train them in the effective use of the online tools available – Twitter, Facebook – Yes, but also on Policies on the use of these, reputation management and crises plans
  • Work as an hourly paid ‘Consultant’ – Update profiles, write copy, monitor competitor activity
  •  Forge long term partnering relationships and ‘Manage the account’ – from brand monitoring to social updates – You should be the only voice for your client/their brand on the internet


Using our methodologies and proven 6 Sigma model you should be able to;

  • Increase their online traffic
  • Improve the performance of their marketing campaigns with a tangible ROI
  • Generate positive brand sentiment
  • Implement our annual strategy map and assist in exceeding targets set


In essence, you are more than an ‘Analyst’ as depending upon the clients’ needs and wants, you will also fit into the role of instructor, trainer, coach, manager, teacher, tutor, mentor, guru, facilitator, business partner and even dare we say a counsellor. It can be quite demanding – but responsibility, as we will find out, has its privileges.

What Training/Support do Quod Media Analysts get?

The Quod Media Analysts’ Training Course is a totally unprecedented, unique and empowering experience that you will remember for the rest of your life, and here’s why:

It offers attendees new levels of skill, insight and understanding of today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, cutting edge tools and proven methodologies

Like others before you, we are totally confident that you will find the expertise of the trainers, the quality and quantity of the materials and the delivery of the training to be simply superb.

Everything you learn on these information packed days will help to pave the way for you, and give you the opportunity, to become successful, achieve your goals and to be your best in the evolving digital landscape.

But as an example we have created over 18 manuals and guides that you can use to generate clients, build your business, use all the social channels effectively and efficiently and monitor both yourself and your clients online.

Is this the right opportunity for me?

Is this something I can do? & Do I want to do this?

These are perfectly reasonable questions and deserving of an answer. Taking the second question first: ‘Do I want to do this?’ This is something that you must ask yourself once you have all the facts – that is, thoroughly read what we do and then call us for a straightforward, open and absolutely no-obligation chat.

Now to address the first question: ‘Is this something I can do?’ If your answer to this is already a definite no then go no further and waste no more time. This affects us both, we are only looking for those that qualify, as per our selection process next, that feel they CAN and WANT to do this. Please make sure that you have honestly answered these two questions before you do anything else –we would love for you to join our team but ONLY if it’s right for you.

Our selection process?

With our comprehensive training, proven methodologies and continuing support, we try to help you achieve success as easily and as quickly as possible, but frankly, the simple truth is that not everyone is suited to the web or marketing or even running their own business and for those who don’t have what it takes, we don’t want to waste their time. You should find this comforting because if you are amongst ‘our team’, you will want to know that ‘your peers’ maintain the highest standards, image and integrity of the brand… All very important in the longer term because this is not your ‘usual’ franchise and  requires a very special kind of individual to prosper and to do well… Those individuals with the following profile which includes background, experience and mindset are the most suitable for the Quod Franchise:

  • You should have experience in business, sales, marketing, web or consulting.
  • Be open minded to new ideas and new methodologies.
  • Enjoy helping others thrive and be rewarded accordingly.
  • Be methodical, diligent and prepared to follow a proven methodology.
  • Be self-motivated and self-starting… A ‘take charge’ kind of person.
  • Have a healthy self-belief and positive attitude.
  • And, a driving ambition to achieve your goals.
What OTHER assistance will I get in starting my business?

When you join us, you become part of a network – an online team and a FULL service support structure. Right from starting your business to accounting and invoicing – we can help you set-up easy to manage systems so you can focus on running your business profitably and efficiently. Some of the support services we offer as basic include:

  • In order to sell online services we help you correctly set-up all of your profiles online on the training course
  • Each of our Franchisees is given a Galaxy Note/Ipad with all of our tools and templates pre-loaded
  • Our website and blog are your website and blog and we encourage active input
  • A members section on our website with a forum for questions and support from our network and partners
  • Your full stationary kit, complete with business cards, letterheads and comp slips
  • An accounting process to ensure compliance and efficient financial management


How much will it cost me to get started?

Our Franchise fee starts from as little as £9,995+vat, this includes the training, support, stationary, Ipad/Galaxy note, website, blog, training and a national brand. We are confident that our fee is fair, competitive and exceptional value for money.

Why does the Quod Franchise foster a great Work / Life balance?

With our franchise you are not only starting a new career in Web 3.0 and joining a booming industry but also building a business with benefits that streth beyond just money (although the industry as discussed could comfortably offer £50-£80kpa at minimum):

  • Work from home, No overheads, No staff
  • Work part/full time
  • No territories, work from anywhere
  • Choose your clients
  • ‘Lifestyle’ occupation
  • No stock stress
  • No seasonal cycles
  • A proven system based on the World Class 6 Sigma methodology
  • A pre-built brand
  • Low-cost of entry
How much money could I make as a Quod Media Analyst??

This depends on your clients, fee income and your motivation. It might only take one-two clients on account management to achieve your desired level of income. In other cases, such as hourly support and project management services it can take more. How many clients it takes for you to earn what you strive for depends largely on the clients you target, how you present yourself, how much you charge (or they are willing to pay), and how well you perform. But MOST importantly it will inevitably depend on how determined you are to succeed in your new venture.

What other costs should I account for?

Aside from your Quod Franchise fee, your costs will vary according to how involved you want to be. You will need basic office equipment such as a computer, printer and telephone. You’ll also need a budget for promoting and marketing your consultancy business. Otherwise, your only other costs will be if you choose to work from an office or hire staff. However, since most of your time will be spent at client sites or on a computer this is not a necessity.

How long will it take for me to get up and running?

It depends on your experience, confidence or contacts, and whether you start out full or part time, but you can get started as soon as you’ve finished the training course. You may be able to get your business running almost immediately, or it could take you a few months. It’s a good idea to put three to four months of living expenses to one side when you first start. How quickly you get up and running depends largely on you, your level of activity and your commitment. Of course, and as mentioned, we will do all we can to get you moving.

The Last Step?

If you feel that becoming a Quod Media Analyst could be the right move for you then we invite you to contact us now and take the next step to find out more…

  1. Simply email us at: info@quodmedia.com or telephone: 020 7993 8311 for a no obligation chat about the opportunity.
  2. You will talk to one of our Franchise Operation Team. If we feel that this is a good match then we’ll ask you to complete a simple form that provides us with a further insight into your background and your suitability in becoming a Quod Media Analyst.
  3. Following assessment of your skills you will be invited to a meeting at our offices or another convenient location. At this time you will also have the opportunity to explore the opportunity in detail and to look through the Quod Media  manuals, tools and materials.
  4. If we both decide to move forward then we’ll book you onto the next available franchise course and complete the formalities of the Franchise Agreement.
  5. At this stage our Social journey of Web 3.0 begins…