The Opportuniy

Booming Business Consulting Opportunity

Quod Media is everything a digital agency could be and everything a PR firm should be. We help businesses and individuals develop strategies to engage with their audiences, wherever they are; online, off-line, above the line and below the line. We get people talking about brands. We make products/services newsworthy. We listen to conversations happening real-time and make our clients a part of the buzz.

Our business model works because customers/followers/service users no longer just want businesses to engage with them. They EXPECT it. They want to have a conversation with someone or an organisation. Business don’t have to invite them all to dinner, but if they talk to them, they need to listen and talk back.

This is where we come in. We develop lasting strategies based on proven methodologies, we work with our clients in an open, transparent and approachable manner on terms that are beneficial to both. This is why our business is amongst the fastest growing Internet Franchises in the UK. Our audience is Global, Our stock is the Internet and Our client base is Anyone Online. Now we don’t have to preach about the growth of the internet, its dominance and its year on year increase in market share, but we may be able to shed some light on the dominance of Web 3.0

Web 3.0 changes the internet landscape

As the growth of Social Marketing and online engagement becomes more and more dominant, businesses including companies large and smell remain somewhat still in the world of ‘Tell’ &‘Sell’. Unfortunately this no longer works and consumers from the touch of their mobile phone are now able to share their experiences widely online, giving them more control and influence over brands.

So as businesses scramble to cope in a landscape which requires new methodologies, tools and skills in order to stay competitive, Quod Media provides the systems, processes, methodologies and expertise to help them grow.

Our Core

The very heart of our system is based on the proven methodologies of 6 Sigma. We Define issues, we Measure their impact, We Analyse and implement systems, We Improve the issue and We Control the result.

We do this for all of what we offer:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC
  • Social Media Account Set-Up & Management
  • Reputation Management and Online PR (Including Crises Management)
  • Audits and Strategies – Blogs, Reputation, Websites etc
  • Mobile Marketing