Online Reputation & PR Management

With risks and threats to your brand online 24/7 you need constant brand protection and through our experience in Internet Marketing and Social Media, we have developed a proven market intelligence system that gives key decision makers an immediate, ongoing understanding of how their organisations are being viewed and talked about in today’s fast paced digital world.

While other companies provide Social Media Monitoring, Quod Media analyses and prioritises data, providing you with actionable insights that highlight opportunities and minimise risk in quantifiable and easily understood terms.

The Quod Media approach is based on the proven Six Sigma methodology of DMAIC, Call us today and we can arrange a meeting to discuss how we can aid your goals and objectives.

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Crises Management

Negative online conversations can flame and escalate at any time without warning – Quod Media informs you when these negative conversations arise. This enables you to be reactive by engaging and covertly taking control of the conversation; thus preventing superfluous negative comments from arising.

More often than not, consumers merely want a response from the brand/company in regard to their negative experiences. They need to feel like they are being heard and action is being made to resolve their problem. Quod Media empowers you with the ability to do this and resolve the issue before it escalates out of control.

Online Reputation Management

In today’s society, it is becoming more and more imperative to understand your brand reputation online. For anyone
to be successful in the business world, a good reputation is crucial. A company/brand with a negative reputation will not be successful, no matter how superior their products/services are.

Your brand reputation online can be greatly damaged by a single misguided blog posting. In a matter of days the blog posting can influence thousands of readers, negatively altering their perception of your brand/company.

Quod Media provides you with the knowledge of where comments about your brand/company are being made – positive and negative – and how influential they are. This enables an intelligent and effective online reputation management strategy to be implemented swiftly; to protect your most valuable asset – your reputation.

Find & Create online advocates

There are many advocates producing online content about your company as well as advocates for your competitors. Quod Media will provide you with information on who these advocates are, how influential they are and their stance on various companies/brands in your industry.

Quod Media identifies your customers and supporters online empowering you with the ability to build positive online relationships with these people, generating brand advocates and a free ‘sales team’.

Brand advocates will enjoy talking up your brand and your products as they engage with their online community and they will protect your brand when crisis management is required, defending your brand/company against attacks, damaging or inaccurate statements. Creating a community of brand advocates provides you with invaluable word of mouth marketing that you could never create yourself.

Competitive Analysis

Quod Media empowers you with the ability to understand your competitors’ next moves by directly sending you updates and notifications with all your competitors’ online activity.

This gives you competitive intelligence as you know immediately when they’ve added a new product to their website; when and where they’re engaging in online conversation, and if they’re creating a new positioning strategy. Understanding your competitors’ online activity gives you the competitive edge – enabling you act or monitor as the situation requires.

With Quod Media you are equipped with knowledge about your industry as the news breaks – sometimes even before it has officially been made public (through internal staff leaking information on social network sites). This gives you
an enormous competitive advantage, positioning you well above your competitors in terms of knowledge, understanding and awareness.

Accurate, up-to-date market research

Social media channels provide consumers with an open platform to express everything they’re feeling – thus providing
businesses with a plethora of invaluable market research.

Companies opting to monitor social media channels – the new age gold mines of information – are drastically ahead
of their competitors in terms of understanding the latest trends, topics, issues, and reacting appropriately to them.

There is too much information on the Internet for companies to attempt to monitor every webpage themselves. A
discussion may begin on one online channel then migrate to another – leaving the conversation looking rather disjointed to people who are unaware where the conversation may have gone. Quod Media eradicates this problem with its functionality of monitoring keywords associated with the discussion to close the disjointed gaps formed by the rapid leap from one online channel to another.

Quod Media makes the discussion appear to be one connected conversation, so analysis is able to be conducted with ease.