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Is your website underperforming?  Have you noticed a decline in traffic, leads, or conversions?  The problem could be the website itself.  There may be a number of contributing factors, such as flaws in navigation, design and usability, or boring content that doesn’t sustain visitor interest.

In short, your website could be its own worst enemy.

Performing a Website Analysis can uncover problems you may not even realize exist, such as:

  • Lack of visitor interest and engagement
  • Point of purchase or form submission obstacles
  • Accessibility issues
  • Privacy and security issues
  • Impediments to SEO
  • Lack of social integration
  • Other technical issues and errors


Our Website Analysis includes an impartial, objective review of your website from usability to client perception and goals, and a detailed report identifying any issues we uncover along with our recommendations for improvement.  Similarly, we can also undertake the same kind of analysis for your competitors’ websites to compare performance, features and identify things they might be doing better.

For companies serious about growth, an online marketing audit is a must. It goes beyond a simple inventory of a brand’s current plan. A comprehensive online marketing audit will:

  • Identify obstacles blocking market share growth
  • Identify opportunities for significant increases in ROI and share
  • Provide competitive intelligence and insight
  • Determine if a brand’s digital marketing ROI is maximized
  • Result in a custom internet marketing action plan for achieving business goals

It’s best to conduct an audit periodically, rather than make it a one-time deal. The internet marketing landscape constantly changes and evolves. What may have been impactful one year ago may very well be obsolete today. Having regular audits allows for greater accountability, effective online brand management and the proper realignment of resources.


Identifying Weaknesses and Opportunities

Audits expose weaknesses. They uncover the gaps competitors may have already discovered. Once obstacles and weaknesses are exposed in the audit process, a company can begin charting a new or revised path. Audits also expose opportunities initially posing as gaps. For example, market research will indicate if a company is leaving money on the table for competition. This provides an opportunity to acquire additional sales and market share.

Gathering Insights from the Competition

Having intelligence about the competition’s marketing activities and investments help a company determine better allocation of a marketing budget, improved creative messaging, keyword portfolios, and much more. The insights garnered from collecting competitive intelligence play a vital role in developing a successful action plan for growth.

Maximising ROI

An internet marketing audit will find the inefficiencies incampaigns. While a campaign may provide good ROI, there may be room for improvement. Efficiencies will lead to greater profitability and the ability to reinvest dollars and increase market share. An audit will also share how the marketplace’s investments, in a given industry, align with a company’s media mix. This research enables a brand to ensure digital marketing goals are aligned and outcomes are maximised.

Custom Action Plan

An audit of internet marketing efforts and investments at regular intervals keeps a company’s online marketing from spiraling out of control. As a result from the audit process, steps forming a custom action plan will help drive a company’s growth objectives.

Cornerstone of Growth

Quod Media offers comprehensive internet marketing audits to validate strategies and tactical implementation. We also provide more specific audits, such as those focused primarily on search engine optimisation, online reputation management, or pay-per-click advertising. For many of our clients, the online marketing audit has proved to be a cornerstone of growth.

To learn more about our online marketing audit service, contact our internet marketing analysts today!!

Quod Media has developed a proprietary approach to creating innovative social media marketing plans that integrate meaningfully into an organisation’s overall marketing strategy. Our comprehensive social media auditing process provides a comprehensive overview of your current social marketing program and allows us to research and evaluate your current social media strategy. We use the 6 Sigma approach to this discovery process – talking to key stakeholders in your organisation to build a Social Competency Profile; obtaining feedback from your customers to develop a Social Customer Profile unique to your organisation, and conducting in-depth research of your industry and competitive environment to construct a Social Environment Profile. An evaluation of your organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats is used as the foundation to build your Social Media Blueprint. Our research and evaluation process is centered on the following areas:


  • Goals and objectives for social media program
  • Role social media plays in overall marketing program
  • Integration of social media throughout the organization
  • Level of social media experience
  • Successful and unsuccessful experiences with social media platforms and strategies
  • Presence and usage of social media sites
  • Experience with inbound and outbound social media marketing strategies
  • Current and desired target markets
  • Customer communication programs including strategies for monitoring and responding
  • ROI measurement strategies



  • Demographic, psychographic and sentiment profiles of online customers
  • Social media profiles of online customers
  • Online purchasing behaviors
  • Experiences with organization’s social media presence
  • Perception of client’s social media presence
  • Usage of social media to communicate with client organisation



  • Social media trends in your industry and key market segments
  • Identification and analysis of online competitors
  • Identification of key industry influencers

Whether the focus is B2B or B2C, a blog is a marketing tool that should provide true value to your audience and ultimately help grow your business. But companies often sink time and resources into maintaining a blog without giving much consideration to strategic execution. A Blog Audit can help align your blog to your company’s marketing objectives and identify significant opportunities for improving its performance.

From higher search engine rankings to increasing your site traffic, blogging for your organisation has many benefits.  Our Blog Audit can help ensure you’re taking full advantage of the blog tools and tactics that are available.  Is your blog reflective of your brand?  Does your blog content do more than just drive traffic?

Our Blog Audit service can:

  • Improveblog optimisation for more traffic and subscribers
  • Identifysearch engine optimisation issues that may be affecting your blog’s visibility
  • Integrate your blog more effectively with social media
  • Improve your blog’s readability
  • Reveal which blog content is underperforming
  • Improve syndication and distribution of your blog content
  • Identify blog lead generation opportunities you may be missing
  • Assess blog tools and tactics you should be taking advantage of
  • Analyse competitor blogs you need to watch


Our Blog Audit includes an extensive, objective review of your existing blog, its content, and content management system (CMS).  We provide you with a detailed report that includes our unbiased feedback, analysis and specific recommendations/examples for improving your blog with respect to your blog marketing goals and objectives. Our Blog Audits typically take no more than 14-28 days to complete.


Do you want to see greater ROI from your blog?  Our Blog Audit gives you the critical feedback you need to make your blog perform better for your business.

Have your search engine rankings flat-lined or declined?  Have you done search engine optimisation (SEO) in the past but aren’t seeing lasting results?  Our SEO Assessment service helps you recognise and rectify problems that may be contributing to poor SEO performance, as well as provide an impartial audit of current or past SEO work performed by other agencies.

Our SEO Assessment & Diagnostic service can identify:

  • SEO strengths and weaknesses
  • Reasons why search engine rankings have declined
  • Competitors who may be out-ranking you
  • Website issues that may be impeding SEO
  • Keywords that don’t dovetail with marketing objectives
  • Technical issues preventing search engines from properly indexing your site
  • Content management systems that hinder rather than help SEO
  • Harmful or otherwise irrelevant site content
  • Deficiencies in SEO implementation


The SEO Assessment service includes a thorough evaluation of your website from an SEO perspective.  We examine your site’s content, content management system, site structure and navigation, and other potential problem areas and weigh our findings against our rigorous SEO standards plus your stated SEO objectives.  Our conclusions will be documented in a detailed report that identifies your site’s SEO strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Are you looking for an objective, third-party opinion to determine if your existing SEO is valid?  Our SEO Assessment services can help you stop wasting valuable time and money on SEO that isn’t working.