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Remember the 1990s, when companies started to realise that having a website was a necessity to stay in business? Well, that’s how Social Media/Digital PR is today. Yes, there’s a ton of hype surrounding online media. But there’s also truth in the assertion that social media, online reputation and two-way interactions can help make or break a business.

It’s not 1985 anymore. It’s not 1995 anymore. It’s not even 2005 anymore. The game has changed. Businesses, Institutions and Individuals need to start thinking like it’s 2015 and harness the power of online branding/reputation, use mobile marketing, integrate on social networks and capitalise on brand advocates.

Your customers/followers don’t just want you to engage with them. They EXPECT it. They want to have a conversation with you or your organisation. If you don’t start treating your customers in the same way you’d treat your friends then they’ll go and do business with someone who does. You don’t have to invite them all to dinner, but if they talk to you, you need to listen and talk back.

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Quod Media is everything a digital agency could be and everything a PR firm should be. We help you develop strategies to engage with your audiences, wherever they are; online, off-line, above the line and below the line. We get people talking about your brand. We make you or your products/services newsworthy. We listen to conversations happening real-time and make you a part of the buzz.

The outcome could be as simple as your first corporate Twitter and Facebook account, or as complicated as a communications strategy for your whole European division. You could be a football player who wants to understand how to act on Facebook and leverage its marketing potential or a CEO who needs help when BBC News turns up on their doorstep and you have an on-line sentiment disaster. We’ve helped local residents with neighbourhood campaigns and trained larger companies to extract the optimum ROI out of their social media strategy.

We’re communicators. We’re marketers. We’re Sociable & We get it.

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The team at Quod Media  have years of experience in digital and online media that works – let us put that experience to work for you. We monitor brands, create compelling content, provide tangible ROI’s and create a lasting online brand. We will analyse your specific needs and outline a strategy for meeting your goals within your timeline and your budget.

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