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Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. Google+. YouTube…the list goes on. These social networking channels are continuing their upwards spike in popularity among internet users both in the UK and worldwide. Once the domain of Gen Y’s, older users are now taking part in online social conversations too. But what exactly are they? And more importantly, how can they potentially affect your business online?

Social media marketing traditionally serves four main online marketing purposes:

1. To increase traffic to your website via Facebook posts, tweets, YouTube video’s and so on
2. To track perceptions about your brand in the market place (Twitter and Facebook search)
3. To find, interact, engage and hopefully sell to captive audiences/customers
4. As a customer service tool

If you can find users who are active and enthusiastic about your brand, why not talk to them online? Engage them. Reward them. More and more people are turning to these sites, so it makes sense to participate.

By building your brands online presence and participating online by talking to your targeted audience, you can easily increase your website’s direct marketing effectiveness as well as your website traffic. And as a further added bonus, participating socially can also assist with SEO and link building efforts too.

Quod Media can guide you through the latest social networking trends and help you to leverage your business presence online. We can set your business up on the various sites as well as advising on a social media strategy to get results. See our approach, based on the popular Six Sigma methodology our approach to achieving your desired targets is a tried, tested and methodical approach used by organisations worldwide to drive business growth.

The best Internet marketing forums are friendly, interactive discussion areas online, where members can ask for and share their opinion, advice and experiences on a particular subject. In top marketing forums, members engage in discussions and threads by posting messages on relevant topics and replying to messages already posted.

Marketing on a website promotion forum basically means posting regularly to these forums, and properly utilising the signature tags. In addition to creating back links to your website, you can also generate much needed direct user traffic through top internet marketing forums, thereby improving your site’s search engine ranking. The more your website link appears on the Internet, the more priority it will receive from the search engines.

Based on a websites profile, a number of select, industry-relevant direct marketing forums are covered for promotion. Forum profiles are setup as per different personality types, expertise levels etc. to actively participate in forum discussions. Through email marketing forums, profiles may interact, post question and build conversations, while at the same time post information to attain the campaign objectives.

Professional marketing forum promotion is a part of our Social Media Marketing service and is not offered stand-alone. It’s integral to the Search engine and Social Media Marketingstrategy that Quod Media would devise for your online business.


What is Link Building/Baiting?

It sounds like web spam but link baiting is just a new buzz word for an old concept, in the same way that the concept of Web 2.0 is referred to, but that’s another story!

Fundamentally, link baiting is just content that other web sites want to link to. The trick is knowing what kind of content works and how to promote it.

Link baiting is NOT commonly offered by many SEO companies even though it’s widely regarded as one of the most effective ways to start an Ethical Link Building campaign to drive web traffic and more importantly quality leads to a web site.

Many Search Engine Optimisation companies use link baiting techniques on their own web sites but don’t offer a link baiting service to their clients. The reason for this is simple… because of the amount of hard work involved!

“Nowadays search engines reward sweat-of-the-brow work on content that bait natural links given by choice.”
Stefanie, Google Search Quality team

Quod Media offer a comprehensive Copy Writing service for our clients. we enjoy writing features, articles and web content that will encourage web links.

There are 5 main types of link bait which are proven to work well:

  • Informational Hooks – Provide information that a reader may find very useful. Some rare tips and tricks or any personal experience through which readers can benefit.
  • News Hooks – Provide fresh information and garner citations and links as the news spreads.
  • Humor Hooks – Tell a funny story or a joke. A bizarre picture of your subject or mocking cartoons can also prove to be a link bait.
  • Evil Hooks – Saying something unpopular or mean may also yield a lot of attention. Writing about something that is not appealing about a product or a popular blogger. Provide strong reasons for it.
  • Tool Hooks – Create some sort of tool that is useful enough that people link to it.

Maybe you do not have the time to do link building for your web site. Or maybe you have hired a company to do link building before, but they did not meet your expectations. Either way, your problem is simple: you need links. Not just any links, but permanent, relevant links that actually drive targeted traffic to your site.

Why not contact us and maybe we can help!