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We provide various levels of Account Management based on the degree of account management that our clients want and  need. We handle everything from social media profile set-up to daily management and monitoring which can include the following:

  • Content management – writing & publishing content, proofreading & editing blog posts etc…
  • Social media engagement & communication – encouraging & responding to communication from prospects and customers
  • Monitoring online reputation & keyword alerts – staying on top of what people are saying about our client, their company, their products & services and competitors – ensuring their brand sentiment is positive is our paramount goal
  • SEO copy-writing – creating original search engine optimised blog posts and static pages for use and distribution
  • Mobile Marketing – with the dominance of smart phones it is almost essential that our clients have a strategy for mobiles and utilize them to harness the power of mobile technology
  • Audits – we ensure we monitor and benchmark our clients´ existing position before we change a ‘working engine’, we can audit their brand, blog, website or a competitor


This is evidently our ‘Platinum’ service and our preferred method of engagement. Why not speak to our Franchise team and see if this is a service you could be offering!!

We designed The QDA Project model for clients who have do not have marketing support staff and would rather that a social media and brand management specialist work as an integral part of their business, either as a whole or on a project (i.e. Blog development, Reputation management, Competitor Audits etc.). As a QDA you will be able to guide and advise your clients´ management team and staff using our Six Sigma approach of online media (Define, Measure, Analyse, Measure & Control). This will enable you to devise an annual strategy, work to KPI’s and implement SMART objectives in line with their goals.

We feel this approach gives you an opportunity to really get to know your client, their business and their organisation/structure and you can then work with them on the said project. Should you do a great job, maybe you can look at managing their entire digital account.

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We often get approached by Companies, Local Organisations and Prominent individuals who already have fully functional marketing teams or small business owners who prefer to do the work themselves. They have no intention of bringing on another full time employee, either because of budget constraints or for some other reason. However what they have in common is sometimes they need a little extra help or specialised guidance. Well, that’s what our Quod Digital Analysts provide for them!

We work on a very flexible, no ties approach. Your charges would be charged per hour and would typically vary depending on what the clients´need, how many hours they require your service and for how long. This is a great way to show what you can deliver, with honesty, transparency and a low commitment approach. Most clients´who hire us on an hourly basis, either use us frequently or recommend us avidly.

We appreciate that all the services may be all a ¨bit too much¨ especially at the start. We appreciate that we do cannot do a trial and error approach with clients as this effects both your credibility as a Digital Analyst and our brand. Therefore, the services you do not feel confident with can be outsourced back to us at Head Office and we would normally just pro-rata the time spent. This gives you flexibility and confidence when selling services to clients in the know that you are ¨not alone¨!!

Also, there are additional services we offer through our selected partners and are open to you to offer again with the confidence that the work will be delivered as expected and to the highest standard. These services include –

  • Web Design
  • E-commerce store design
  • Web Hosting
  • Video Hosting
  • Email Marketing set-up and management


Whilst not all clients will want or commission all of these services, should you need or want to you are in a position to provide a full package from start to finish.